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Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

During the Grizzlies’ roller coaster game against the Mavericks, one of the Grizz players received a violation for Goaltending. (In basketball, goaltending is the violation of interfering with the ball while it is on its way to the basket and is on a downward flight.) On the very next play after the violation, players Mario Chalmers and Marc Gasol worked together to successfully complete a well-executed Alley Oop! After the crowd settled down and the game continued, those two plays stuck with me. It seemed like such a contradiction for the Alley Oop to be a legal play, while goaltending isn’t. In both instances, one player shoots the ball, and as the ball makes its way to the goal, another player touches the ball to either assist in scoring or prevent scoring. It all comes down to whose side the other person is on.  

The more I thought about it, as I often do, I started to think how “that will preach”. It’s not enough for a player to simply shoot the ball in order for goaltending or an alley oop to occur, the ball has to be on a downward flight. Once the ball is coming down from the height of the shot, what happens when it’s going down determines the call. The opposing team wants to prevent the ball from going down, because although the ball is on a downward spiral, the defender knows that if the ball falls down in the right way, the other team will score. The teammate assisting in the alley oop wants the ball to go down for the same reason. So although both instances seem to have similarities, it has been determine that the opposing team isn’t allowed to prevent the ball from going down once it’s in the final position.


So often we find ourselves taking a shot at life. We take a shot at healthy relationships, success on the job, financial security, spiritual maturity and so much more. We step out on faith and we see ourselves flying high and moving fast. Then things change and we find ourselves falling. In that moment, the enemy sees how close we are to scoring and moving ahead in life and he tries to keep up from making the goal. We get so close to our victory, but it feels like we are on our downward spiral. The Holy Spirit serves as our teammate that assists us through that downward spiral, knowing the blessing on the other side is coming. But the enemy tries to convince us that we should always be on a high… no struggles, no pain, no hard times; so he steps in and knocks us back and pushes us away from the goal. But God has determined that He is in violation. He isn’t allowed to touch the blessing that is in store for us. No matter how often the enemy sees God pushing us through trials and tribulations that sometimes seems to be on a downward spiral, he will never be able to touch us. Just know that once your enemy decides to step in and take away your blessing, God has set it up for you to prosper. He causes the enemy to step to the side while you freely stand to reclaim your blessings.


Don’t be discouraged when it seems like God is pushing you through difficult times. Just remember that He is there to bring you to victory. The same thing that the enemy meant for your bad, God is working out for your good. Don’t be afraid to pass all of your cares over to Him. He has positioned himself to step in, like He always does, right on time.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for always being in my corner, ready to push me on to victory. God help me to place my Trust in you, even when it seems like things are going downhill. Thank you for protecting me from the schemes of the enemy that comes to push me away from the victory you have already set up for me. Help me to see the beauty in my struggle. In Jesus name’ Amen.


By: Min. April Carter