Faith Church is a vibrant, loving Church located in the Frayser community of Memphis, Tennessee. We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people under through the vision of our leadership. We are dedicated to growing young leaders and seeing God work in new and exciting ways. Click below to contact us. We would love to see you!

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Pastor Wilson
Welcome to Faith Church. My Heart. My Hands. My Faith.

September: Greatness

Join us this September for our new "Simple Service" as we discuss the topic: Kingdom Greatness! We often read and recite that we are called to be "the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower."... but what does that really look like in the Kingdom of God. How has God called for our Greatness to shine?

Faith in Action - Upcoming Events

There's always a way to engage at Faith Church. See Our Faith in Action with these upcoming events.

Gym Sunday

Join us Sunday September 15th and September 29th for our new "Simple Service", then stay for gym Sunday immediately following service. Fellowship by playing basketball, walking laps on the upstairs track, playing board games, or just laughing and having fun with others. Gym Sunday is perfect for the Family that wants to engage in Spiritual and Physical fitness! Food is provided. 3306 Overton Crossing St. 38127 * You must attend service to play basketball during gym Sunday.

SUNDAYS:September 15th & 29th

Bible Study Series

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm for an incredibly thought-provoking Bible study series. Over the centuries believers have sought to understand more about God and our relationship with him. What happens when believers take the wrong path? How sure can we be that we are on the right one? This month we take a close look at heresies. Led by Pastor J. Wilson, this series will both challenge and deepen your faith and knowledge of God's Word. Childcare available for ages 3 - 10.

September: Heresies

Sharing the Faith

Lindsay Freeman

Today I was reminded that my value comes from no man but God only. Just like God told Hosea to go and get his Adulterous wife, God found me and paid the cost even though I had cheated on Him with other things! He loves me!

-Lindsay Freeman
Valricka Mitchell

We want God to remain faithful, but yet we fall short everyday.. And there He is.. Back at it again with the open arms and forgiveness

-Valricka Mitchell


3306 Overton Crossing
3306 Overton Crossing
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee


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