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2 Corinthians 4:9 “...persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

I was completely unprepared for that May 2015 fall. I got out of my car with a few bags and was stepping up the walkway stairs to my house... but something went completely wrong with my feet. I started to fall forward... and fast. 

At the time, I was suffering from “Adhesive Capsulitis”, also known as Frozen Shoulder. For months, my shoulder had been locked, so I was unable to lift or use my left arm. So here I am, falling fast on the concrete stairs… groceries in one hand and a non-functioning arm on the other side. Then… BOOM… Lights out!


I awakened to my son frantically calling my name and shaking me like you’d see one do in a movie. A bit dazed, I couldn’t figure out why I was in so much pain and couldn’t talk. He took me to the emergency room where I started to realize just how serious the fall was. In addition to being severely swollen, I fractured my jaw and several teeth. My dentist decided to seal the jaw and tried to save the teeth. But over the next two years, I encountered problem after problem that lead me to August 2017. The seal in my jaw was failing and my teeth were not getting any better. Corrective surgery was the only option.


All I remember is waking up to a mountain of pain and feeling extremely nauseous. I couldn’t remember anything about the surgery, so I asked my brother to fill me in. After assuring me the surgery went well, he went on to tell me these crazy stories about the ride home. Although, I can laugh at myself now, I was a little shaken up by the fact that I had no recollection of what he was saying. After I had been knocked out, I was completely at the mercy of those tasked to take care of me. I had to thank God for having the right people in my corner.


I watched online Sunday as Pastor Wilson reminded us that we sometimes find ourselves in a wrestling match with life. Our problems, our pasts, our situations sometimes causes us to fall and may have us pinned down. Despite our best efforts to fight, we still find ourselves down and knocked out. Pastor Wilson encouraged us that, as children of God, though we may be knocked out, we’re not counted out. When we have God on our side, fighting with and for us, no matter what weapon the enemy forms against us, it shall not prosper.


Right now, you may be dealing with the aftermath of a spiritual fall in your life. You tried to deal with it your way, but God is calling you to remove some things and people from your life. You may be afraid that if you finally give it over to God, you’ll lose people you care about. You may be afraid of losing control or being knocked down, or even out. But trust in God, your ultimate guardian and protector. Though you may experience some pain on the way to healing, with God you can know for sure that the healing will finally be REAL and lasting. Allow God to remove the band-aids we’ve placed on our open wounds, so that He can start the true healing process. Don’t let the shame of your fall keep you from the glory of His healing.


Heavenly Father, I have fallen and it feels like I can’t get up. Right now I feel helpless and broken and need you in my life as my guardian and protector. God thank you for loving and healing me, even when I fall. Help me to trust and surrender to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


By: Min April Carter