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Joel 1:3 “Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation”

Today, I celebrate my 38th Birthday. Although I’ve celebrated this day 37 times before today, this time around seems different. So much has changed since my last birthday. I’ve started a new job after 11 years. I have a son that has gone off to college. I’ve been more involved in ministry leadership and have had the blessed opportunity to teach God’s word. My circle of friends has changed. A lot has changed. But there is one thing that has remained consistent through all the changes… the goodness of God in my life.  

My son asked me “So, what have you learned during your 38 years of living?” My answer was simple, I’ve learned to listen to the Holy Spirit. When I look back over my life, all of my accomplishments, mistakes, disappointments, joys and experiences have been an opportunity to listen to God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. All of the things I’ve done right raising my sons, it’s because of God’s goodness and guidance. Every mistake I’ve made raising them, God has shown me grace and ways to do things better the next time. Every birthday I have, I see as a gift and an opportunity to show my sons just how intimately God has been working in my life, so that they may know and tell their children.


I’ll admit, during some of the changes that occurred, I found myself doubting myself and where I would stand on the other side. I knew that I was a good worker, smart, dedicated, and an asset to my last employer, but was I “good enough” to start over with another company. I thank God for the Wednesday night bible study that reminded me that although I may doubt myself, I should never doubt the power of God!


Minister Bradley taught us Sunday the importance of keeping our thoughts on what is “right, pure, noble, admirable, lovely, true and honorable”. She reminded us of Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We have the ability to speak things into existence, but we have to THINK them first. We also have to be willing to DO. The scripture says that “I can do all things through Christ…” not that Christ will do all things through us. We have to remember and think about how good God has been in our lives and trust in Him when it’s time to move forward and do. Whether it’s time to change jobs, commit more to ministry work, move your family, start a family or whatever it may be. We also have to pour into the children of God that have been put in our lives and remind them “You CAN do it!”


We all continue to have birthdays for a reason. There is Kingdom work to be done. Each year we have on earth is an opportunity to tell about the goodness God. Take time today, and as often as you can, to remind someone that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens us all.


Heavenly Father I thank you for the strength and the gift to live another year. God help me to remember your goodness and when I do, to pass it along to not only my physical children, but to all the children of God you send my way. I thank you for the gift of Jesus, the best birthday gift ever. In your son’s precious name. Amen! !


By: Min. April Carter