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So like others, I watched the Presidential Debate on Monday night and after it was over I started to think. I realized the world we live in and our country really needs Jesus.

I began to think about how the future of my generation and my children lies in whoever becomes president hands. I already have one disadvantage against me and on top of that I have been placed into the stereotype that I won't finish school or I will end up in jail or dead.

If this country gets into the wrong hands it could turn our country upside down. I believe that satan is trying to work through these candidates. There are so many people that have turned their backs on God and they began to worship these idols.

Pastor Wilson stated on Sunday that even in the midst of all this foolishness going on with our country we need to unify and show the world what love looks like. We cannot be like the church of St. Benedict and turn our backs on our community and the world.

2 Corinthians 4:6 says, “Let light shine out of darkness”. So even in the midst of all this darkness in our country, we should shine the light of Jesus Christ into our communities. We have to ask ourselves, do we want to go to war with the enemy and are we willing to endure the things that are coming after we start this spiritual warfare.

God has called Faith church to be a beacon of light. Our church should be somewhere that people can come to and feel loved.

In my opinion, it is time for a “rescue mission” which means that it is time to unify and take back our communities, our people, and our country. Its not going to happen unless we do it ourselves. Satan is not gonna give back our people and community we have to take it back. Satan no longer has power over our community and even when though our country is splitting apart we should be the ones that bring it back together. Even in the midst of this mess God is setting up a miracle. Either we tell people what unity and love look like or we can show them.

So Faith Church are you ready to go to war?


By: Larry Crawford Jr.